Strategy is more than coming up with an idea and then making it happen. It is about putting ideas into context to take account of changes to the sector or environment that might impact on our strategy's success. Our broad depth of knowledge and experience across the health, education and research sectors means we know the context - inside and out. We understand the need to plan - but also the paralysis of planning.


A strategic plan is all about knowing where you want to go in context of the sector you're working in. Collaborating with our clients, we build strategic planning workshops that deliver results. We are not tied to a specific idea of what strategic planning should be or what the outcomes should look like. As a result, our plans are perfectly suited to our clients' needs.


Sometimes, all you need is a wider view of the world. But when you are locked into business as usual, that can be hard. Working with a strategist, you can get that view and key insights. We have a range of programs focused on the provision of strategic advice to clients over one, two or more meetings.


Strategy implementation is where the rubber hits the road - and where strategy can go from great idea to failure. We make sure this does not happen by working with our clients to understand their strategy (if we did not develop it) and the intent behind it. We also understand researchers don't have time for massive implementation plans, so we use OPPM - One Page Project Management.