Our academic training means we are expert researchers. However, our business experience means we understand your schedule. Our research and review services cover a number of different activities - from design through to analysis and reporting. We can access a range of databases or just use the biggest one of them all - the internet! We work with our clients to help them understand the research method and the basis for the approach we are taking.

Download ourĀ Research and Review Prospectus for a full list of what we have done.


Great projects start with great design - and the same is true for research projects. Our research training means we understand the research method and how to build the best project based on your required outcomes.


Whether you design it or we do - we can conduct a review of your activity. This includes working with your clients or stakeholders. We'll then provide a report on what we found, including practical recommendations.

Market Research

Our extensive stakeholder and client base, combined with our research expertise allows us to rapidly understand what the demand might be for a course, unit or research outcome.

Web Review

With so much information stored on web-pages, it is no longer sufficient to do literature searches. It is now essential to perform web-review as well. We break free of Google's limiting personalised search to find novel, unique and relevant information.