Raven Consulting Group offers a range of professional development activities. Built on our diverse range of services and capabilities, we have standardised programs focused on development of teams or individuals, writing grants and proposals as well as supporting collaborative activities. We are also able to develop customised programs, based on your needs and requirements.


Writing is how we most commonly communicate - email, sms, facebook, reports, twitter - its all via written words. Yet, we pay little attention to what works well in what situations. We often use the same style regardless of mode or audience. This program gives participants tips and tricks to make sure their written communication is accurate, effective and efficient.


A foundational seminar focused on self-understanding as well as how we might perceive others and be perceived by others.


Team building session that works to capitalise on the full productive potential of the team (the team is greater than the sum of its parts).


Collaboration is more than working as a Team - it is working across cultures, or organisational or divisional units. This program will give participants practical skills and implementable tools for outstanding collaborations.