Raven Consulting Group has a history of successfully managing projects from idea to implementation. We can act as the contact point for your project, or provide support and advice for staff responsible for implementation. Our management activities are often combined with our stakeholder engagement, research and advice services to give total project support. We understand that academics and researchers are not interested in project management jargon, project phases and transitions, rather they care about results/outcomes and that is what we focus on.


Many projects are started and for one reason or another they do not pan out as intended. Our experiences with government departments and the tertiary education sector have given us an understanding of how these situations can be best handled (in terms of notifying the funding, supporting or lead agency) and then brought back under control through strategies based on good communication and one or more of realignment of objectives, clarifying the budget or adjusting the scope. Our project rescue service includes communicating with previous project participants (funders, stakeholders and project managers and staff) and establishing a new scope including time line, budget and deliverables.


Our research training means we are well qualified (and experienced) to design research-based projects, however we are equally able to design projects that do not involve research. In designing the project, we work with the client to establish an agreed time frame and budget, as well as stakeholder engagement and research methodologies that are appropriate to the project. At the conclusion of the design process, clients are provided with a time line (usually in the form of a Gantt chart), along with a budget, personnel, equipment and facility requirements, a stakeholder engagement strategy, risk management strategy and a research (if required). Depending on the nature of the project, we also recommend clients include a review component to determine the impact of the project and to inform quality improvement processes.


Project implementation is where the rubber hits the road - and where projects can go from great idea to failure. We make sure this does not happen by working with our clients to understand their idea and the intent behind it. We also understand researchers don't have time for massive implementation plans, so we use OPPM - One Page Project Management.