Our extensive client and project base, along with over 20 years in the workforce mean Raven Consulting Group is able to provide advice that is grounded in experience and reality. We understand how individuals think and contribute to teams, how teams work - and that teams are responsible for delivering projects. Our advice can be delivered to individuals, small groups (e.g. management boards) or entire teams or departments.


Athletes have coaches - at all levels. Yet within business we shy away from the idea. A coach can help individuals or teams identify and work through performance problems. They can be employed for short or long term or be specific to a project or group. Our coaching programs create efficient research teams with clear leadership.


Mentoring is all about helping individuals understand themselves and their situation. Unlike coaching, it is about personal development, rather than individual or team performance. Our mentoring programs drive researchers to improved results in research, team management and grant outcomes.


Sometimes, all you need is a wider view of the world. But when you are locked into business as usual, that can be hard. Working with a strategist, you can get that view and key insights.