As a subcontractor of the Department of Health, Raven Consulting Group is delivering the AHCPP (Allied Health Careers Pathway Project). The outcome will be several allied health streams with clear steps workforce participants could use to map their current or future career intentions.


The allied health workforce in Victoria comprises approximately 42,500 health professionals making up around 26% of the health workforce compared with the medical workforce (16%) and nursing (58%). High early career attrition from the allied health professions is a significant problem with lack of career pathways and poor progression opportunities cited as major factors. In response (and recognising the more general notion that career planning is a key part of having a fulfilling career), the Department of Health and Human Services is undertaking the Allied Health Careers Pathways Project.

Current status:

Stage 1 & 2 completed. Read a quick summary about the workshops in our Thank you letter to participants.

We are currently in Stage 3, seeking input on the draft Blueprint via survey. The workshops conducted in Stage 2 have led to the creation of three documents:

  • Blueprint diagrams - pictorially representing allied health career options across five streams.
  • Blueprint for individuals - a narrative, describing the Blueprint in detail. Intended to be used as a reference, guide or map. Not intended to be read through from front to back.
  • Blueprint for organisations - also a narrative, describing how organisations might best support allied health care practitioner careers (under refinement).

We are now calling on allied health professionals across Victoria to have their say on the draft Blueprint via an online survey.


If you do not want to do the survey, but want to be on the project mailing list, please complete this form.

You are  encouraged to forward this information to others you think would be interested in learning more about the project and/or participating in future workshops or surveys.

For more detail on the project, please read the information sheet.

Some photos from recent workshops




A possible Blueprint put forward during one of the Stage 2 Workshops


Participants working hard in one of the Stage 2 workshops

A possible Blueprint put forward in one of the Stage 2 workshops

The blueprint

In 2013, the Ministerial Advisory Committee for Allied Health developed a career blueprint (see below). The blueprint is a concept map that outlines four career streams for allied health professionals:

  • Service Excellence
  • Educator and/or academic
  • Researcher, and
  • Leader and/or manager.

The descriptions and requirements for each level in each stream are the subject of the current project.

Figure 1: Allied Health Careers Pathway Blueprint (Note levels within each stream are for illustrative purposes only).



The next phase

The next phase is to turn the blueprint concept into a tangible and operational career pathways model that can be understood and ‘brought to life’ at the organisational/employer/professional level. This will be done by articulating the broad progression steps in each of the four streams and identifying and grouping the range of existing roles and positions at each level.

A career blueprint that is ‘brought to life’ and owned by the allied health sector will align efforts and opportunities across organisations, industry bodies and sectors to build articulated career pathways. The blueprint will allow future developments and initiatives to produce coherent progression opportunities. The blueprint will enable practitioners to better plan steps toward career development.

The project

The project partners – Dr Richard Huysmans and Ms Madeleine Hathaway (Raven Consulting Group) – will use the blueprint and consult with key stakeholders, to develop a model for career pathways.

It is intended that the final model will be understood and accepted by key allied health stakeholders as the overarching framework in which to consider the positioning of both existing and future allied health career progression steps to develop articulated career pathways.

The key stakeholders will include potential employers from the blueprint’s four career streams including allied health service providers in health and human services sectors, universities (as training providers and research entities), unions, professional associations, and allied health professionals.

The project is being conducted over Four Stages (see below).

The project is expected to take place across the middle and latter parts of 2017. A final report and Allied Health Careers Pathway Blueprint) will be provided to the Department of Health and Human Services in late 2017, along with several presentation events.

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