This report is taking the La Trobe Living with Disability Research Centre forward in its communications - from compliance to captivating.


The Living with Disability (LiDs) Research Centre is based at La Trobe University focused on research aimed at improving the lives of people with disability. In 2014, they progressed from being a research grouping to formally the Living With Disability Research Centre. As part of their expanded identity, they had a need to shift from compliance to communication style annual reporting.


Working collaboratively with the Director (Professor Chris Bigby) and her team, we provided writing, project management and coaching support for the development of their 2015 annual report. Our expertise and experience was essential in the development of the report, including provision of design and printing services. We used our project management and report story board to help give Chris and her team a sense of timing for delivery as well as report structure and layout.


We created a 24-page annual report that is available in print and also on the Living with Disability Research Centre website. The report is a significant step forward when compared to previous efforts. It embodies the LiDs desire to shift from compliance, to communication and ultimately captivation in their annual reporting.

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