Against a tight timeline, and a history of failed attempts to form a centre, we worked with a senior University of Melbourne academic to develop a proposal for the establishment of a new cross faculty research centre bringing together IT, Engineering and Health.


The University of Melbourne recruited a new star researcher in the field of health and biomedical informatics. However, the cross university nature of this research (taking in experts from medicine, science and engineering) combined to make at least three other attempts at forming a centre doomed to failure.


Establish a cross university centre of health and biomedical informatics with support from medicine, engineering and science.

Raven Role

Work with senior staff to write a strategic plan and a business plan demonstrating the value of the centre along with its financial viability over a five-year period. Provide strategic advice on the operational and governance aspects of the centre. Support the application process to senior University of Melbourne Academics and respond to their critique of the Centre and Proposal. Once approved, work with centre academics to create a detailed launch and implementation plan.


Despite the earlier failed attempts, on our first attempt the centre was approved and funded by the university.

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