Against a tight timeline, we worked with a senior Monash University academic and the University Engagement Office to develop a short proposal for the establishment of a new research centre within the Monash Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences.


As we helped develop the MICCN Business Plan; the opportunity arose to support the development of a centre focused on obsessive-compulsive and associated disorders. A key factor in this process was the need to develop the proposal in five business days. Having already started writing up the research program as part of the MICCN Business Plan, we were asked to help develop the Brain and Mental Health Centre Proposal.


Working collaboratively with the head of the Addiction Program – Professor Murat Yücel – and the lead of external engagement in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences we developed a short (6 page) proposal for the formation of a new education and training centre within MICCN.


The five-page summary included necessary CVs of researchers, case studies of proposed projects and the potential impact research outcomes could have. The proposal submission and advocacy process was managed by Monash University and ultimately awarded funding ($5.2 million) to build on the established Brain and Mental Health Laboratory and focuses on Obsessive, Compulsive and other Related Disorders.

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