As a result of education and training, strategic collaboration, access to specialist services and direct project experience, Raven Consulting Group has developed a broad range of capabilities that can be applied to deliver specific project outcomes in the most time and cost effective manner.

Research and Review

Research and review covers a broad range of work from designing projects, conducting a review of services, market research, literature review and web review.

Project Management

Within the health and health education sectors, time frames and budgets are tighter than most and stakeholders do not always understand they are part of a project. Raven Consulting Group's experiences in project management cover university, government department and health service settings and relate to research, education and health provision activities. We can undertake all aspects of projects from initial design, through implementation, onto business as usual and then review.

Proposal and Grant Writing

Raven Consulting Group has significant expertise and experience writing proposals that get funded. We write tenders, grants and special purpose proposals. We work with clients from idea, to writing, funding and then onto implementation.

Report Writing

Our report writing expertise covers a range of report types including business plans, annual reports, end-of-project reports and of course outcomes of research or review. We understand that many reports are intended for broad audiences - from senior management all the way through to the general public. To accommodate this, we avoid jargon and aim to provide reports in the 1:3:25 format - 1 page of main messages, up to 3 pages for the executive summary and no more than 25 pages of findings.

Stakeholder Engagement

We have a range of engagement activities, including our unique FIRST. Facilitated Interactive Review Stakeholder engagement Tool is designed to rapidly and efficiently connect with stakeholders, gain valuable insights to their views on a topic and provide data back to stakeholders in real time. We are also able to perform surveys, interviews, focus groups and workshops.

  • 67% Our grants and tenders get funded
  • 80% Clients return for more work
  • 100% Proposals for new institutes and centres get funded