We all know that success – wherever it might happen – is a product of the people we have around us. Not just at the time of the success, but leading up to it as well.

So, how can we create an environment where we network (and ultimately collaborate) with people who will help us on to greatness?

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FREE WEBINAR Wed October 26 11am – 12:15am AEST


• Do you, your staff or colleagues find working within industry (non-university) partners challenging?

• Is it difficult to acquire industry funding or buy-in for grants? 

• Does it feel like hard to work trying to connect with or identify industry collaborators?

• Would a systematic approach to identifying and working with industry make things easier?

If so, this webinar is for you!

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Did you know that a domino 5mm high, 1 mm thick can cause domino 45kg (1m high) to fall? 


This is all due to the energy released when the first domino falls and the use of 12 intervening dominos that all increase in size (by 50% in time). You can read and see more at Phys.org, where they explain after 29 dominos, you could knock down something the size of the Empire State Building.

But, unless you actually work with dominos, or use them to clear your mind you might struggle to see the connection to your research, but bear with me for a moment.

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I just had lunch with a client that I coached a few years ago and she shared quite gleefully that she has had 5 job offers in the last 2 months – on top of her current full-time job. 

My first thought was, “Wow, I need to change professions - there are a lot of opportunities in that field!”

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You may have seen we’ve been working with researchers to build their LinkedIn profiles. All with the aim of increasing their chances of having their research activities picked up and translated into practice by new or novel collaborators. In many cases we’re working within existing organisational social media and other online frameworks. We often get asked questions like:

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I recently had a family holiday to Sydney. Not that long, but long enough to have a break and also realise how difficult it is for four people to live out of a suit case. 

To increase the difficulty level just that little bit – I managed to lose my wallet three days before we left. Of course, I cancelled all of my cards and had new ones issued, but none arrived before we left for Sydney. So we left for Sydney only my wife having access to our accounts. No problems there.

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