Did you know that a successful leader isn’t necessarily one who takes risks, sets the direction, challenges the status quo or breaks the rules?

Behaviours that support successful leadership can fluctuate depending on the workplace sector.

What does that mean?  Simply put, different workplaces require different styles of leadership for success.

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Did you know that effective communication isn’t always about how you can clearly make your point? Effective communication includes the audience – or those listening – and each individual in the audience has a different reason for listening to what you say. In order to increase your communication skills, you’ll often have to sharpen your interpersonal skills. 

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This is the first in a 2-part series that focuses on organisational culture. Part 1 is about understanding organisational culture, part 2 offers strategies on how to identify your organisation's culture.

We’ve all heard that an organisation’s culture is important. And certain organisational cultures (like toxic ones!) are easy to identify. But what lies beneath the creation of organisational culture?

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