Today (18 April 2012), Cancer Council Victoria (CCV) provided a free panel discussion on blogging (and digital media more broadly) as it might be used in the not-for-profit (NFP) sector - Not For Profits & Getting Attention - Challenges & Opportunities in a Blogging / Digital Age. As a consultant with clients in the sector - and a newbie to twitter and blogging - I went along to gain some insight. My thoughts are below. What are yours?

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Day 1 was a packed program from 8am to 5pm, covering IRCTNs (CPNs for Victorians), software used to track clinical training activities from health service and education provider perspectives and simulation-based education and training. It was pretty informative, although there were some slow sections. What did you think? Let us know via twitter (@raven_cg) or post a comment below.

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