Think for a moment… Who is the best leader you have ever known? …

Did my picture of Donald Trump get your attention?



Perhaps because it was with the headline ‘The Best Leader You Have Ever Known’?

There are people who think Donald Trump is the best leader they have ever known - and there are people who think differently. No matter your viewpoint, step back for a moment and consider:
1.    One word that describes why this leader is effective.
2.    One word that describes why this leader is ineffective.

Now, think about the best leader you have ever known (in your organisation, academic life, private life… a mentor?). What is one word you would use to describe what made this leader so effective?

What about the worst leader you’ve ever known… perhaps you are working with this person now...? What is one word you would use to describe what made this leader so ineffective?

Have you ever considered what words your followers are using to describe you when they talk with colleagues, family, friends, and maybe even total strangers?

Whether you are new or seasoned in a leadership role, your leadership traits will be described differently by different people. The things you do and say will be interpreted differently by different people.  

Why does this happen?

Our leadership traits are interpreted by others through the beliefs that are intrinsic to their personality style. Their values and ideas of norms for behaviour and ideas about leadership colour how they see your behaviour as effective or ineffective. They also colour how you see yourself as a leader.

Do you understand how you are displaying different leadership traits (whether effective or ineffective) to your team? Do you need to change any of your behaviours to become a more effective leader of your team? It can be hard to be reflexive about these sort of things without objective feedback and support.

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