Spending thousands of dollars attending seminars is a common way to try to change yourself, hoping to improve technical skills, make you smarter, or a better speaker… Underneath it all, you may not think you’re ‘good enough’ or perhaps someone has told you that your method is ineffective or ‘wrong’.

If you’ve bought into this negative story about yourself, then Essential Skills for New Managers and Leaders is for you.

Essential Skills works to create a new story for yourself, a new self-talk to eliminate the self-doubt and fear that someone is going to find out that you’re not ‘good enough’. The work done in the Essential Skills workshop updates the conversation in your mind to connect with your capabilities, your strengths, and guides you to check the assumptions you have about your various colleagues or team members 

Essential Skills enhances the way you do things and helps you understand what’s not working in the way you do things and why. 

If you’ve felt that the way you’re doing things at work isn’t working for you or members of your team, Essential Skills supports you to understand your strengths and innate abilities that you can tap into to achieve a positive outcome. Eliminate negative interpretations of yourself and your colleagues and embrace natural ways of working with yourself and responding to others that will get you the results you want. 

Our Essential Skills workshop in early February was a great success and a class is forming for 16 & 17 July.  Spaces are limited. Contact Madeleine to reserve your place now.

Early Birds save $200.


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