I was reading a book by Reid Hoffman – all about the similarities between building a business and building a career. Reid’s an entrepreneur and most notably co-founder of LinkedIn, but was first successful as part of PayPal.

In the book, Reid discussed entrepreneurs having three plans Plan A, Plan B and Plan Z.

A = what you want to do. A is constantly changing, Adjusting. But only in small ways.

B = what you might do next. B is different to A. But similar enough that it’s still an opportunity.

For entrepreneurs, Plan A is the original idea. For example, Netflix was originally a movie hire service delivered through post. The small adjustments would be the addition of other video content such as miniseries etc. Plan B is the idea adjusted. In the case of Netflix – a movie and video content hire service delivered via the internet.

For a researcher, Plan A would be research. The small adjustments might be who you work with, where you work and perhaps the major research theme or topic. Plan B might be working in the research office and/or adding teaching to the mix. Particularly if research no-longer lights you up or if the funding environment changes for you.

Plan Z – however – got me most intrigued. It’s the lifeboat. The thing you’ll do if A and B fail. Your fall-back position. And its Z ‘cos it really is a fall-back. Like I’ll live with my parents again. Or I’ll sell my house. Or both! And it allows you to reconsider what your new Plan A will be or how to re-engage with your Plan A.

It is important because knowing what you will do and how you will respond allows you to take risks. Allows you to undertake a new venture not knowing the outcome, but knowing you are comfortable with Plan Z.

For me – starting Raven Consulting Group: 

Plan A: Establish a boutique management consulting firm focused on the higher education sector.

Plan B: Work with people to build outstanding careers post PhD or major training/education.

Plan Z: 4 months’ salary – 3 months to get more work; one month to look for a job. I knew I was employable. But I was also happy to take on anything (including customer service, retail or fast food). I still maintain that same Plan Z to this day.

What’s your Plan Z? How does it allow you to take risks knowing how you’ll respond to Plan A and B failing? 


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