Ready to impart and receive information; inclined to communicate readily. Raven Consulting Group creates and maintains an active and open dialogue with its current and potential clients, contacts, colleagues and collaborators. We are a reflective organisation, regularly seeking feedback and acting on it.

Thorough and effective

Acting or done with great care and completeness; producing the desired result. All products and services provided by Raven Consulting Group meet the clients’ specified needs. Furthermore, the products and services Raven Consulting Group provides to clients, collaborators and partners are the most appropriate for the situation, rather than the easiest or the path of least resistance.


Of consistently good character and quality; dependable. Every time Raven Consulting Group provides a service or produces a product, it is done within the time specified, at the rate specified, to the quality specified.


Sincere; fair and just; free of untruthfulness. Raven Consulting Group provides information for current and potential clients, collaborators and partners without fear or favour. Project quotes, outcomes or findings are not changed or withheld from clients or partners because they might be sensitive to them.